Lily’s Child was born after the birth of our first daughter Victoria. When this little bundle of joy came along, she also brought us alot of … you guessed it! … hard work. With babies, as any mom knows, that’s par for the course. But some of it was harder than it really needed to be. In particular we felt that it shouldn’t be so hard to find quality products for our baby that would make her stand out and make an impression without breaking the bank.

While researching that, we came up with all kinds of product ideas which could help out with day-to-day life as far as babies and kids are concerned. Putting all that together, we decided to start with carseat covers and put together a store which would carry all our beautiful designs and bring them to moms everywhere. That website is LilysChild.com and we’re so glad you’re here.

Please drop us a line anytime at info@lilyschild.com with questions or comments about any of our products, policies, or general notes. We love to hear from our customers! With much love, Lily.