We offer free shipping worldwide. All products ship direct from our warehouses in Asia. Typical delivery times to the USA and Europe are around 7 – 14 days. It may take longer in some cases. Up to 6 weeks should always be allowed for delivery, although it is not common that products take this long to arrive.

Countries other than the USA and Europe typically take longer for delivery, depending on the efficiency of your local post office. Most countries receive their products within 4 weeks.

Please note that our prices do not reflect any customs duties you may in certain cases be charged in your country for receiving products from overseas. Any such duties are your responsibility. Most of our customers report that they have never been charged any such duties, although we cannot guarantee this will apply to your specific case/country.

Since our products may ship direct from our Asia warehouses, it is not possible to return them for a refund in any circumstance. As such, please note that all sales on this website are final. If you do have any issues with your product, however, please do contact us and we would be glad to see if we can help.